Built in 1827 as a gentleman’s residence Cannon House stands almost opposite to what was once the site of the islands first Cannon Battery which was erected by Oliver Cromwells troops during the Civil War. In the 1640’s Rothesay castle was taken over by Cromwellian forces and was held by them until 1659. It was during this time that the first Cannon Battery on the island was built by Parliamentary troops in order to ensure that the safe anchorage of Rothesay Bay was defended at all times.

Rothesay Castle
This “Old” Battery was just across the road, approximately where the shelter is now, and the cannon would have faced towards Ardberg Point. During Napoleonic times a “New” Battery was constructed a little further along the road approximately where Battery Place joins Mount Stuart Road. Again the cannon would have faced towards Ardberg Point in order to fire at any ships from Napoleons Navy who attempted to enter Rothesay Bay.

As island tourism grew, better harbour facilities were needed and the old unwanted cannon were pressed into service around the quay. They were buried so that only the tops of the barrels were showing and yachtsmen still use them as a secure place to tie their boats to.

If you take a wander around the harbour see how many upturned cannon you can see!

That is why the Hotel has been called Cannon House and why the road is called Battery Place!